No one does it better than SynAudCon.

As a along time attendee of many many  SynAudCon training classes that date back to 1974, I have come away with a level of training that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

One of the most overlooked issues in training classes are copies of the presenter’s power point presentations. Just last month at a three day workshop in Dallas/Ft/Worth, Texas, I attended my most recent SynAudCon class. Here, each attendee received an extremely professionally assembled workbook with all of the class attendees (great for future synergy). Good bios of all of the presenters and contact information! Day by day planned class schedules. Each presenter’s power point slides allowing one to make annotations and comments in your own book.

During class breaks many equipment demonstrations took place to strongly reinforce what we learned in the classes.

During lunch and supper breaks, we had an opportunity to interact with the presenters and other attendees.

There is no other opportunity available today for this level of training in a compact time format, and no one does it better.

Russel L. O’Toole
Principal Consultant
R&M Consulting