Audio Veterans Shared at a SynAudCon Seminar

On March 9-11, 2015, forty-two AV practitioners attended the Sound System Design seminar in Atlanta, GA. The first day of the seminar was spent on measuring and interpreting the room impulse response – RIR. Day 2 is spent on electro-acoustics, primarily loudspeaker directivity and coverage, along with amplifier-sizing. Day 3 “puts it all together” and demonstrates the efficient use of computer modeling for designing systems with high speech intelligibility and music clarity.

IMG_0016Atlanta is city filled with audio veterans. On the first night of the seminar, SynAudCon provided dinner for the seminar attendees and invited several of the local audio giants to share with the group. The guests included Dr. Eugene Patronis, Bill Thrasher Sr., Wayne Lee, Chris Hamlin, and several from Danley Sound Labs.

It was a fun evening of sharing. The war stories included history, experiences, and lessons learned from working years in the AV industry.  For the next two days, I heard the stories discussed among the attendees.  They certainly made a lasting impression.

Some highlights

Bill Thrasher: “I love these digital mixers and the ability to recall preset settings.  With these digital consoles  you can make a mistake and then recall it over and over again.”

Dr. Patronis:  “Take every opportunity possible to learn and never stop learning.”

Ivan Beaver: “My biggest regret is not going to SynAudCon sooner.   The first seminar filled in my knowledge gaps and connected the dots.  It enable me to become much better at my job.”

Wayne Lee:  “Take this knowledge and pay it forward.”

Mike Hedden:  “It begins with the loudspeaker. Garbage in, garbage out.”

Kirk Bowling summed the seminar up quite well.

Food, Hotel, and Organization: Very Good
Course Content and Pat’s teaching: Excellent  Manual: Priceless
Special Monday night dinner: This should be mandatory. Let’s all listen to the audio giants while we can. They shared wisdom that only comes from years of working in this industry.

Please enjoy some photos that were taken at the event.


Dr. Eugene Patronis

Ivan Beaver

Ivan Beaver

















Bill Thrasher Sr.

Bill Thrasher Sr.


Mike Hedden

Mike Hedde

















Craig Richardson, Wayne Lee

Craig Richardson, Wayne Lee