Room Survey 32 – Eisemann Center

Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Area

Investigator: Pat Brown

The Main Hall:  The main performance hall is 116,900 sq ft (10,860 m2) 1563 seat venue. Detail information on the Eisemann Center can be found here. The hall was empty during the sweep recording session. The T30 is just over 1.5 sec average in the mid frequency decade. The sound was located on stage, and the sweeps were recorded at Row 2, the main horizontal aisle, and the back row on the main floor. No recordings were made in the balcony.

The Lobby:  The lobby is a massive space of 16,686 sq ft (1,550.2 m2). The very low absorption results in a T30 that approaches 6 sec in the 2 kHz octave band.

File Type: B-Format, Omni

Loudspeaker: Isobel Baritone Half-dodec

Microphone: Sennheiser Ambeo

Recorder: Roland R-44

Source: 14 sec log sweep

IR Extraction: GratisVolver™

Post-Processing: ReflPhinder™

Lobby Example (Omni):

Main Hall Example (Omni):

Downloads (Zip):

Lobby WAV Files (Omni)

Lobby WAV Files (B-Format)

Main Hall WAV Files (Omni)

Main Hall WAV Files (B-Format)

The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.

The Main Hall (courtesy Eisemann Center website)

The Lobby (courtesy Eisemann Center website)

Lobby source and microphone locations (TP1 – 7 m distance)