Do-It-Yourself Cardioid Sub

By Dale Shirk Dale Shirk helps us to understand the principles…

What is Waving and Why? The Anatomy of the Wave Equation - Part 2

By Dr. Eugene Patronis
In the first article in this series we learned the compositional properties of the gaseous mixture known as dry air as it exists under standard atmospheric conditions.
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De-barring a Power Amp

We recently acquired an amp from a private source that has obviously spent most of its life in a bar, as it has a strong smell of cigarettes. How can I clean this amp?

What is Waving and Why - The Anatomy of the Wave Equation - Part 6

By Dr. Eugene Patronis In part 5 of this series we employed…

Guest Blogger Langston Holland

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Sound Reinforcement for Technicians

October 25-27, 2010 Pittsburgh, PA

The Origin of Consciousness

By Don Davis 3-31-10 Human beings are held “captive” by…