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Why Use a "70.7 Volt" System?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown answers this question, Why Use a “70.7 Volt” System?  He also clears up some common misconceptions about 70.7V distribution systems.

That’s a good question, and one that causes a lot of confusion among audio practitioners. … Read more

Take a Walk in Loudspeaker Park With Me – Part 1

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

Too much series resistance in loudspeaker wiring pops up from time to time. Sometimes long runs are unavoidable, so the question of what wire size must be answered. But aside from the rather obvious … Read more

Anatomy of a Service Call

Pat Brown took an average and simple service call and documented his steps to finding the problem and his solution to the problem.

By Pat Brown

The sound system in the Chapel at a local nursing home had all of … Read more