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Sorensen Sez… – Digital Transmission

By Jim Sorensen

Digital transmission is much misunderstood and I am proud to be the one who will completely de-bunk it for you. The daily SAC columns are rife with comments on digital transmission and processing and all kinds of … Read more

Balanced Ipod Output

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown will show you a little trick to convert Ipod unbalanced stereo output to a balanced Ipod output.t.

Last issue I reviewed some portable media players to determine their usefulness as program sources … Read more

It Ain't Just Dirt… Grounding for Safety – Part 1

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

“Ground” is a term that has taken on many meanings with regard to power distribution and audio systems. This article looks at the safety ramifications of grounding with regard to permanent and portable

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Parallel Wires

Is it possible to combine several lengths of wire in parallel to produce a larger wire gauge? The answer is “yes” if done with care. Here are the specifics.

A recent SynAudCon Listserv thread raised an interesting and practical topic. … Read more

Chinn on Cable Wrapping

By Rick Chinn

Audio people have long been divided on the proper way to coil a cable. Rich Chinn’s provided some insights  on cable wrapping that come from experience. pb


I’m in two camps. For short cables, I prefer … Read more