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The Forward-Referenced Interface

Tips and Tricks by Rick Chinn

Connecting computers into audio systems is one of those things that we are called upon to do more and more often these days. The obvious solution uses a cable with a mini-TRS on one … Read more

Shield Current Induced Noise – Causes and Solutions Part 2

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

Shield Current Induced Noise – Jim Brown addresses the causes and some solutions.

In the last issue, we learned how current flowing on the shield of audio cables will be converted to voltage on the … Read more

Shield Current Induced Noise – Causes and Solutions

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

This article addresses shield current induced noise caused by the imbalance in the magnetic coupling between the shield and the two signal conductors.

My last two columns have focused on pin 1 problems as an … Read more

Coaxial Cable – Mathematics Primer for Vector Fields

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

Dr. Patronis will be writing a series of articles on the properties of coaxial cable. This primer lays some mathematical ground work for the motivated learner.

This is the second in a series of articles dealing … Read more

The Properties of Coaxial Cable – Part 1 The Magnetic Field

Part 1 – The Magnetic Field
By Dr. Eugene Patronis

This is the first in a short series of articles that will describe the properties of coaxial cables as deduced from both the vector field theory and circuit theory points … Read more

The Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Potential Relationship

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

This is the fourth in a series of articles dealing with coaxial cables operating in the frequency span from direct current through the microwave region. The first article, which dealt only with currents, inductance, and magnetic … Read more

The Conduit Transformer

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

This paper intends to show how a simple error in power wiring geometry inside the conduit can create a transformer which induces voltage on the ground wire. This can ruin an otherwise well

Read more

Take a Walk in Loudspeaker Park With Me – Part 1

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

Too much series resistance in loudspeaker wiring pops up from time to time. Sometimes long runs are unavoidable, so the question of what wire size must be answered. But aside from the rather obvious … Read more

The EMI Project – Part 2 Point Source Field (Magnetic Field)

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Point Source Field (Magnetic Field) – Dale Shirk addresses how magnetic interference gets into our audio circuits and how to keep it out.

We’ve all learned about electromagnets and magnetism generating current in … Read more

Ethernet is Audio (and Audio is Ethernet)

Thinking Digitally – By Steve Macatee

This article will help you understand what is going on within the Ethernet cables and equipment.

Us audio folks have always been careful to keep the physical transport of our audio signals under tight … Read more