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30 Years of SynAudCon Synergy

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

SynAudCon Synergy – Jim Brown takes you on a walk though audio history helps all of us appreciate where we have been and provides a visions for where we are going.

When Brenda asked me … Read more

Chinn on Trim – Setting Input Trims on a Mixer

By Rick Chinn

Rick Chinn presents a quick and easy way to set input trims on a mixer.

A recent Syn-Aud-Con Listserv thread provoked an interesting discussion about the input stage of a mixer. Rick Chinn’s contribution to the thread … Read more

Product Data Sheets – What should be on product data sheets?

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

Jim Brown answers this question, “What should be on product data sheets?”  He gives some very insightful information. Thank you Jim!

The full version of Jim’s article includes sections on Intercom and Infrared systems.

It’s … Read more

Piezo Magic – Accurate Gain Structure Using a Common Device

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown will show you a way to set gain structure by using a piezo tweeter.

In order to set the gain structure of a signal processing chain properly, it is necessary to determine when each device … Read more

Meaningful Metering for an Audio Waveform

By Pat Brown

There are at least three significant parameters that can be monitored for audio waveform – Peak, RMS and average. Pat explains each of them.

It is beneficial for the sound system operator to have some visual feedback … Read more

Sound System Autopilot

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Today’s electronics can handle many of the tasks ordinarily performed by a sound system operator but not all of them.

Today’s sound systems can be quite complex. Many times that complexity exceeds the … Read more

Where do I plug Input Type Connectors In?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown takes the commonly used input type connectors and answers this question, “Where do I plug it in?”

Almost every SynAudCon seminar has attendees from other technical fields that need to learn about sound systems and … Read more