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By Charlie Hughes

Charlie gives an overview and capabilities of Easera Systune.

EASERA SysTune™ is a relatively new, patent pending audio measurement program from the Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG). It is designed for real-time analysis of acoustic signals and … Read more

Prediction of Sound Levels in Offices and Corridors

The Genser Paper by Ernest Genser

The design of sound systems for small spaces requires the estimation of reflected field sound levels. The classical Hopkins-Stryker equation for LD and LR assumes a mixing reverberant field. Such a field seldom exists … Read more

Size Matters! A Different Perspective on Plane Wave Tubes…

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

This articles looks at how plane wave tubes operate.

Dr. Patronis, in the SynAudCon Newsletter V36, #2, Spring 2008, gives us Part 6 — his elegant explanation of acoustical behavior in a pipe. He … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 2 – Model Detail

By Pat Brown

Three versions of an octagon-shaped room model – simple, detailed, and extra detailed are compared as actual and in virtual.  The results may surprise you.

It’s time to take the data gathered from the site survey and … Read more

Site Visit Houston's Lakewood Church

By Pat Brown

Lakewood was the home of Houston Rockets NBA Basketball Team. It was converted to Lakewood Church.  Read about the audio and acoustical challenges of this remodel.

The Houston Operators and Technicians seminar attendees were treated to a … Read more

It's About Time… The Effective Haas Effect

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

To implement the Haas Effect, understanding the theory is a must.  Dale Shirk explains the theory and ways to implement it.

The Haas effect, or Precedence effect has been well known for many … Read more

SynAudCon Digital Tours 12 Stones Church

SynAudCon took a technical AV tour of 12 Stones Church in Atlanta Georgia.  This facility has a LARES system and LCR Matrix house system. Read to learn more about this interesting system.

The recent Syn-Aud-Con Digital class held in Atlanta, … Read more

A New, Improved GratisVolver

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that allows you to listen to the effect of room impulse response measurements on anechoic program material. Read about the new upgrades to Gratisvolver.

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that … Read more

What is Waving and Why – The Anatomy of the Wave Equation Part 5

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

When a plane wave tube is excited at its origin by a tightly fitting, oscillating piston as illustrated in Fig. 1 the resulting wave motion is that of a plane wave propagating in the direction of … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 1 – Site Survey

A Case Study – By Pat Brown

This article by Pat Brown presents a case study of an audio installation of an octagon-shaped room, beginning with a site survey.


In this multi-part article I will look at a complete … Read more