Real-World Reverberation – PureVerb™

By Pat Brown

Learn about a software tool called PureVerb™ that can create natural sounding reverberation effects.

Reverberation effects can be added to recordings using a signal processor or wave editor. Most of these effects only allow a very limited set of parameters to be modified, and many of the resultant effects, while interesting, could never happen in a real room.

PureVerb™ ( is a software tool that can create natural sounding reverberation effects. It is based on the same theory and algorithms that are used to perform acoustical predictions of real spaces. The user can vary the room size, source directivity, source/listener placements, and reverberation time. Various microphone configurations can be used. The result is an impulse response that can be analyzed like any actual room measurement. In addition, it can be convolved with anechoic program material to enhance recordings or produce acoustic demonstrations. The direct sound (first arrival) and first-order reflections can be omitted if desired.

In addition to its artistic applications, PureVerb can be used to increase the users understanding of acoustical measurement tools, since the resultant IRs can be analyzed in any application that can read wave files. It is like having an infinite number rooms that can be “measured” and listened to at your fingertips. pb