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Real-World Reverberation – PureVerb™

By Pat Brown

Learn about a software tool called PureVerb™ that can create natural sounding reverberation effects.

Reverberation effects can be added to recordings using a signal processor or wave editor. Most of these effects only allow a very limited … Read more

Acoustic Measurements Without Computers

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown shows how to record acoustic measurements without a computer and get better data.

It is difficult to describe how something sounds. The terms are vague and subjective, and often have different meanings … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 2 – Model Detail

By Pat Brown

Three versions of an octagon-shaped room model – simple, detailed, and extra detailed are compared as actual and in virtual.  The results may surprise you.

It’s time to take the data gathered from the site survey and … Read more

Headphone Calibration for Auralization

By R.H. Campbell

This short piece by Dick Campbell, he addresses the significance of headphone choice and how they affect the auralization from room models

Reflected sound has a dramatic impact on what we hear. Room reflections and reverberation produce … Read more