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Error Sources in Loudspeaker Data

by Pat Brown

The accuracy of sound system performance predictions are limited by a number of factors. These include but are not limited to the loudspeaker data.

Much good research has been done in recent years on loudspeaker data formats … Read more

30 Years of SynAudCon Synergy

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

SynAudCon Synergy – Jim Brown takes you on a walk though audio history helps all of us appreciate where we have been and provides a visions for where we are going.

When Brenda asked me … Read more

Real-World Reverberation – PureVerb™

By Pat Brown

Learn about a software tool called PureVerb™ that can create natural sounding reverberation effects.

Reverberation effects can be added to recordings using a signal processor or wave editor. Most of these effects only allow a very limited … Read more

Far-field Criteria for Loudspeaker Balloon Data

By Pat Brown

Measuring the far-field criteria for large devices is different than small devices.  In this article, Pat will give you some things to consider as well as guidelines.

The most common reference distance for loudspeaker SPL specifications is … Read more

Room Modeling Details

by Pat Brown

This article will answer this question: Room modeling for loudspeaker coverage in high detail takes a lot of time. Is it worth it?


In “The Octagon – Part 2” I presented computer-based room models of varying … Read more

Not Exactly Omni – A look at Human Listener Directivity

By Pat Brown

The article is the results of a study on human listener directivity.  The mic was place inside the ear canal and measurements were taken.

A recent Syn-Aud-Con Listserv thread brought up the subject of human listener directivity. … Read more

Interpolated Balloons

By Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnston addresses this question, “What are interpolated balloons?”

When we use modeling programs to predict the direct field coverage of a loudspeaker system in a space, we depend on the loudspeaker model to show all of … Read more

What's a DLL? and when do I need one?

By Pat Brown

This article addresses some specifics of the direct field prediction process, specifically the sound radiation patterns from loudspeaker arrays and if DLL is a useful too.

The predictions performed by acoustic prediction software can be divided into … Read more

Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) News

By Pat Brown

An update on Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) .

The Common Loudspeaker file Format continues to gain strength and recognition among audio manufacturers and sound system designers. The CLF serves as an electronic specification sheet as well as … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 2 – Model Detail

By Pat Brown

Three versions of an octagon-shaped room model – simple, detailed, and extra detailed are compared as actual and in virtual.  The results may surprise you.

It’s time to take the data gathered from the site survey and … Read more