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Amplicalc is a free “power amplifier calculator” developed by SynAudCon. This useful tool will help you select the proper amplifier. Video tutorial is included.

As simple as audio power amplifiers seem to be on the surface, selecting one for a loudspeaker is tricky. This is partly due to the completely different criteria used to establish amplifier power ratings vs. loudspeaker power ratings. The former is a measure of production. The latter is a measure of endurance. Our power amplifier calculator freeware AmpliCalc™ helps remove the mystery.

A new version of AmpliCalc allows you to select the amplifier’s sine wave rating, and then determine the RMS voltage (and continuous power) delivered to the loudspeaker by considering the signal’s crest factor.

Now, the user can work the problem the other way, starting with the loudspeaker’s power rating, and then determining the required amplifier sine wave rating based on the crest factor. Either way, AmpliCalc takes the mystery out of audio power amplifier sizing.

You can download AmpliCalc here.

The video below gives an overview of the new features.   pb