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Ten "70 V System" Myths


“70 V Systems” Needn’t Be Confusing

Of all the topics covered in SynAudCon courses, few are as misunderstood as “70 V” systems. Most people are surprised to find that these systems share many common traits as “direct” connected systems. The … Read more

War Tuba

A brief explanation of a War Tuba.

First impression this photo of a War Tuba looks like a loudspeaker. It is actually a mic.

Acoustic location devices were used by military services from mid-World War I to the early years … Read more

Ground Plane Measurements

by Pat Brown

This articles presents a ground plane measurement technique to optimize the loudspeaker.

The first step to the sound system equalization process is the application of the signal processing required to optimize the loudspeaker. This requires an anechoic … Read more

The Loudspeaker Toaster Test Revisited

by Pat Brown

It’s been nearly a decade since I cooked up the Loudspeaker Toaster test for finding the maximum input voltage EMAX to a loudspeaker. If you are already familiar with the procedure, read on. If not, here … Read more