Room Survey 29 – 9600-seat Auditorium

Location: Southeast Christian Church – Louisville, KY

Investigator: Pat Brown

Description:  Low and medium Q source comparison. The low Q source is a dodecahedron. The medium Q source is a QSC K12. The distances are 30 ft, 60 ft, and 120 ft. Sources are center stage. The zip file contains six room impulse responses.

File Type: XY Cardioid Stereo

Loudspeaker: Outline GlobeSource, QSC K12

Microphone: Core Sound Tetramic

Recorder: Edirol R-44

Source: 14 sec Log Sweep

IR Extraction: GratisVolver

Room Data: Room Impulse Responses   The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.)

Low-Q Sample

Med-Q Sample

Backwall of the 9600 seat auditorium

Phoot of the 9600 seat auditorium