Room Survey 31 – O’Reilly Theater

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Investigator: Pat Brown

Description:  The O’Reilly Theater is a 650 seats semi-reverberant space located in the famous Pittsburg cultural district. The reverberation time is just under 1 sec, with the acoustics of the space optimized for natural support of on-stage sources.

File Type: B-Format, XY Stereo

Loudspeaker: Tannoy PowerV8 (2-way Medium Q Full-Range)

Microphone: Core Sound Tetramic

Recorder: Roland R-44

Source: 14 sec log sweep

IR Extraction: GratisVolver™

Post-Processing: ReflPhinder™

Test Position 1 (above)

Test Position 2 (above)

Test Position 3 (above)

Download Section

XY-Stereo Room Impulse Responses (zip file 300 kB)

B-Format Room Impulse Responses (zip file 522 kB)

The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.