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A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Computing the Speech Transmission Index

By Farrel Becker

In this article, Farrel Becker shares the steps required to compute the Speech Transmission Index (STI) from a measured impulse response.

The Speech Transmission Index (STI) is a method of measuring speech intelligibility in noisy and/or reverberant … Read more

STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?

By Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell answers this question, “STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?”


“Thank you for inviting me to this lecture on languages. I am going to discuss a new language recently … Read more

Describing Inside the Box from Outside the Box

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

This is a fun article. It brings back memories of a presentation 15 year ago to the Acoustical Society, titled “On the Presentation of Large Amounts of Room Acoustic Data”, [1] where I showed … Read more