STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?

By Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell answers this question, “STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?”


“Thank you for inviting me to this lecture on languages. I am going to discuss a new language recently heard at the Convention Center during an Alcons tribal conference. The following sample seems to be a form of counting: ‘On tu ee aw ei eh eh eh ie eh’ although this has not been confirmed. It must have been an important message because I expected the Alcons to run out because they looked confused, but they stayed”.

There are many places where accurately-heard counting can be important, like aircraft fight decks control towers, ambulance radios, wingmen, GPS audible guides, drive-up windows, evacuation announcements, but by no means least ‘The Word of God’. This last item in my abbreviated list is an area where many Syn-Aud-Con members ply their trade.