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Roll your own acoustic source for STI testing

by Steve Liddle

Have you ever thought about building your own acoustic source for STI Testing.  Steve Liddle has done it and he shared the process in this article.

The title doesn’t sound as good as “roll your own Talkbox” … Read more

30 Years of SynAudCon Synergy

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

SynAudCon Synergy – Jim Brown takes you on a walk though audio history helps all of us appreciate where we have been and provides a visions for where we are going.

When Brenda asked me … Read more

Reductions in Speech Modulation

By Pat Brown

The Speech Transmission Index is a measure of the reduction of speech modulation by noise and reverberation in the environment. The essence of this method of clarity evaluation can be made obvious by simply observing the time … Read more

Sound Sources for RT Measurements

By Pat Brown

What’s the best way to measure reverb times? Balloon pops? Omni loudspeakers? This article compares multiple source types and presents some surprising conclusions that can greatly simplify the RT collection process.


There have been some threads … Read more

Human Processing of Reflected Sound

A response to “Reverberation Time – What Could Be Simpler?”
By Steve Barbar

This is another perspective on the significance of reverberation time and early-decay time, and the relationship between the two.

I must preface the following with the acknowledgment … Read more

The Room Reverberation Time – RT

by Pat Brown

The reverberation time is a basic “one number” measure for characterizing a room’s acoustic behavior.

I’ve written much on the RT in the past. Richard Honeycutt’s article on reverberation formulas prompted me to revisit the topic and … Read more

Measured Acoustic Data on Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall

By Pat Brown

The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall is rated as one of the top 3 in the USA. Syn-Aud-Con takes a tour, and provides some measured data for experimentation.

The Oklahoma City Core and Technicians classes were … Read more

Point Source Loudspeaker / Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown collected measured data and compared a point source loudspeaker and line array in the same semi-reverberant environment.

The Phoenix, AZ Sound Reinforcement for Designers class experienced one of our best site visits ever. You can Read more

STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?

By Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell answers this question, “STI – Where Did it Come From and What Does It Do?”


“Thank you for inviting me to this lecture on languages. I am going to discuss a new language recently … Read more

Describing Inside the Box from Outside the Box

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

This is a fun article. It brings back memories of a presentation 15 year ago to the Acoustical Society, titled “On the Presentation of Large Amounts of Room Acoustic Data”, [1] where I showed … Read more