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How Do Boundaries Affect Loudspeakers?

By Pat Brown

Can a room boundary be a “tool of the trade” for the audio practitioner? This study will provide some insight on how boundaries affect loudspeakers.

It’s nearly impossible to mount a loudspeaker in a room without placing … Read more

Dodecs for Pastry Chefs

By Peter Patrick

In this article, Peter Patrick provides the readers a better way to build dodecs.

We’ve published several features in recent years regarding the dodecahedron loudspeaker. Dodecs are useful for a number of different acoustic measurements. Excellent models Read more

Build Your Own Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown discusses the uses of a dodecahedron loudspeaker and how to build one.

A polyhedron is a multi-sided three dimensional shape. A dodecahedron is a 12-sided polyhedron, each side being a pentagon. A … Read more

Sound Sources for RT Measurements

By Pat Brown

What’s the best way to measure reverb times? Balloon pops? Omni loudspeakers? This article compares multiple source types and presents some surprising conclusions that can greatly simplify the RT collection process.


There have been some threads … Read more