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What Happens When the Power Goes Off?

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk answers this question, “So what happens to a signal when it is driven into an unpowered input?”

Today’s audio electronics are easy to interface, with one or several high impedance inputs … Read more

How to Build a Big Dummy Load

By Pat Brown

An upcoming amplifier measurement project motivated me to build a rather robust dummy load.

Amplifier testing requires a load that can dissipate the power generated by the amplifier, preferably one that does not produce sound. Some very … Read more

What is Waving and Why – The Anatomy of the Wave Equation – Part 6

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

In part 5 of this series we employed the method of images to determine the complex mechanical impedance present at the origin of a plane wave tube of arbitrary length when the tube is terminated by … Read more