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The Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Interface

By Pat Brown

Amplifier-to-loudspeaker Interface – is there anything special about hooking an amplifier to a loudspeaker? Here is a brief look at some parameters that can affect the sonic performance of this important interface.

The Ideal Case

Most analog … Read more

Impedance Measurement

By Charlie Hughes

Impedance Measurement – Here are some methods and caveats in characterizing the load seen by the amplifier.

To determine the input impedance of a device both the voltage across the device and the current flowing into the … Read more

Manifold Drivers – How Much Additional SPL is Realized.

By: Pat Brown

How much additional SPL is realized with manifolded compression drivers? Pat Brown made some measurements and shared the results.

A recent thread on the Syn-Aud-Con email discussion group concerned manifolded compression drivers. How much additional SPL is … Read more

Piezo Magic – Accurate Gain Structure Using a Common Device

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown will show you a way to set gain structure by using a piezo tweeter.

In order to set the gain structure of a signal processing chain properly, it is necessary to determine when each device … Read more

Why Use a "70.7 Volt" System?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown answers this question, Why Use a “70.7 Volt” System?  He also clears up some common misconceptions about 70.7V distribution systems.

That’s a good question, and one that causes a lot of confusion among audio practitioners. … Read more

Axial Sensitivity – Sense and Sensitivity

By Jeremy Johnston

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is the Axial Sensitivity of the loudspeaker. This article clears up some confusion on this topic.

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is … Read more

Which Impedance? Nominal Minimum / Maximum Average

By Pat Brown

This article addresses three dominant reasons for measuring the impedance of a loudspeaker.

The impedance of a loudspeaker characterizes the opposition that it presents to current flowing from the amplifier. The impedance is both complex and frequency-dependent. … Read more

Reality Check! Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent?

By Pat Brown

Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent? Pat Brown measured twelve like make / model loudspeakers. The results may surprise you.

From Dick Campbell’s Loudspeaker Park Part 3 article, this issue:

It is difficult to control the Read more

Compression Driver Specifications

Meaningful Metrics By Pat Brown

A recent compression driver measurement project afforded the opportunity to test two concepts. The driver line-up was (3) 11 ohm drivers and (4) 8 ohm drivers. These are 1-inch exit devices that would be typically … Read more

Take a Walk in Loudspeaker Park With Me – Part 1

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

Too much series resistance in loudspeaker wiring pops up from time to time. Sometimes long runs are unavoidable, so the question of what wire size must be answered. But aside from the rather obvious … Read more