Why all the Fuss About Power? The Equivalent Amplifier Size – Part 2

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown provides a logical and defensible method of providing a meaningful minimum recommended amplifier size for a given loudspeaker.

Of all of the specifications necessary for sound system design, perhaps the most confusing, vague, and often … Read more

SynAudCon IR Exchange

By Pat Brown

The SynAudCon IR Exchange was formed to provide a simple, efficient means of allowing audio people to share their impulse response data.

SynAudCon is pleased to announce a new resource for our members – The SynAudCon IR Read more

CLF News – Common Loudspeaker File Format Released

By Pat Brown

Common Loudspeaker File Format is the result of a collaborative effort by individuals recognizing the need for a platform-independent loudspeaker data format that can be used as a specification sheet as well as by prediction software.

We … Read more

Do-It-Yourself Cardioid Sub

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk helps us to understand the principles of how the cardioid sub can control the directivity in lower frequencies.

“Low frequencies are omnidirectional.” Seems we’ve heard that age-old wisdom since we were infants bouncing on mama’s … Read more

What is the Common Loudspeaker File Format (CLF)?

By Pat Brown

The Common Loudspeaker File Format provides well-defined loudspeaker specifications and platform-independent data for acoustics modeling software applications.

Sound system designers need a base-line set of loudspeaker specifications to locate suitable loudspeakers for their projects. The problem is … Read more

What is Waving and Why – The Anatomy of the Wave Equation – Part 6

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

In part 5 of this series we employed the method of images to determine the complex mechanical impedance present at the origin of a plane wave tube of arbitrary length when the tube is terminated by … Read more