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Roll your own acoustic source for STI testing

by Steve Liddle

Have you ever thought about building your own acoustic source for STI Testing.  Steve Liddle has done it and he shared the process in this article.

The title doesn’t sound as good as “roll your own Talkbox” … Read more

Collecting Binaural Data for Recordings – Accuracy vs Realism

By Pat Brown

This article will look at some of the ways to get binaural data with emphasis on microphone techniques.

The human auditory system is equipped with two input ports – the left and right ears. This “binaural” processing … Read more

The Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Interface

By Pat Brown

Amplifier-to-loudspeaker Interface – is there anything special about hooking an amplifier to a loudspeaker? Here is a brief look at some parameters that can affect the sonic performance of this important interface.

The Ideal Case

Most analog … Read more

How Do Boundaries Affect Loudspeakers?

By Pat Brown

Can a room boundary be a “tool of the trade” for the audio practitioner? This study will provide some insight on how boundaries affect loudspeakers.

It’s nearly impossible to mount a loudspeaker in a room without placing … Read more

The Floor-Bounce-Effect – Mic Placement for Equalization

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown addresses the importance of considering the floor-bounce-effect in the equalization process.

When a microphone or listener is positioned above the floor plane, the reflection produced by the floor modifies what is heard by the listener. … Read more

Error Sources in Loudspeaker Data

by Pat Brown

The accuracy of sound system performance predictions are limited by a number of factors. These include but are not limited to the loudspeaker data.

Much good research has been done in recent years on loudspeaker data formats … Read more

30 Years of SynAudCon Synergy

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

SynAudCon Synergy – Jim Brown takes you on a walk though audio history helps all of us appreciate where we have been and provides a visions for where we are going.

When Brenda asked me … Read more

A Closer Look at Loudspeaker Coverage Angles

By Jeremy Johnston

In this article, Jeremy compares the coverage angles of 3 full range loudspeakers 90°x40°, 90°x50° and 90°x60°.

Most loudspeakers used in sound reinforcement have some sort of Pattern Control Element (PCE – a new term I just … Read more

Product Data Sheets – What should be on product data sheets?

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

Jim Brown answers this question, “What should be on product data sheets?”  He gives some very insightful information. Thank you Jim!

The full version of Jim’s article includes sections on Intercom and Infrared systems.

It’s … Read more

Far-field Criteria for Loudspeaker Balloon Data

By Pat Brown

Measuring the far-field criteria for large devices is different than small devices.  In this article, Pat will give you some things to consider as well as guidelines.

The most common reference distance for loudspeaker SPL specifications is … Read more