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Loudspeaker Power Ratings – Why all the Fuss About Power?

By Pat Brown

Loudspeaker power ratings is a confusing topic in the audio industry. In this article, Pat brings some clarity.

It is generally accepted that a large loudspeaker power rating is a sign of quality and something to be … Read more

Loudspeaker Pairs – How Close Are They?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Does two like loudspeakers give the results when measured?  Pat tested five types of loudspeakers and posted the results.

I was working on some array predictions and wondered just how close “like” … Read more

Manifold Drivers – How Much Additional SPL is Realized.

By: Pat Brown

How much additional SPL is realized with manifolded compression drivers? Pat Brown made some measurements and shared the results.

A recent thread on the Syn-Aud-Con email discussion group concerned manifolded compression drivers. How much additional SPL is … Read more

Polarity 101 – Some subtleties regarding device polarity

by Pat Brown

This article will help you understand polarity and ways to test polarity.

Good sound system installation practice dictates maintaining proper signal polarity from system input to system output. An audio signal waveform always swings above and below … Read more

Understanding Horn Directivity Control

 By Charlie Hughes

Charlie Hughes will help you understand more about horn directivity control.

Horns are often used in loudspeaker systems for a variety of reasons. One may be to provide increased acoustical loading to the driver attached to the … Read more

Using Limiters to Help Protect Loudspeakers

By Charlie Hughes

In this article, Charlie Hughes will help you understand how limiters can be used to provide protection from over excursion.

Using limiters to protect loudspeakers is nothing new. In many applications a limiter is placed immediately in … Read more

Target SPL and Required Amplifier Size

By Charles Hughes

This article touches on two things: The required amplifier size so that a given loudspeaker may achieve a target SPL and caution that must be used when driving loudspeakers with the very large amplifiers.

In a previous … Read more

Early Decay Time – Wrap Up

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown addresses some subtleties regarding early decay time calculation and significance.

The Spring installment of our Newsletter featured an exposé on the Early-Decay Time and its relevance to the design of a sound … Read more

Early Decay Time as a System Performance Benchmark

By Pat Brown and Peter Mapp

In this article Pat Brown and Peter Mapp looks at early decay time as a system performance benchmark.

It’s been over 100 years since Wallace Clement Sabine did his ground-breaking acoustical study of the … Read more

Low-Frequency Directivity and Arrays

By Pat Brown

This article is an attempt to quantify the theory and application of low frequency arrays for sound reinforcement applications.

The lack of low frequency directivity is a problem that plagues many sound systems. It is usually manifested … Read more