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Always Test the Testers

Don Davis frequently said to “Always Test the Testers”.  Pat Brown presents a scenario where he forgot to test the tester.

By Pat Brown

Sound system technicians should test the polarity of all components when installing a sound system. I … Read more

Finding Reflection Direction using Polar ETC

By Dale Shirk

How do you find the surface that is causing the reflection? In this article,  Dale Shirk shows a technique using Polar ETC.

Polar ETC is a program module for the Goldline TEF™ measurement system. By taking 6 … Read more

SynAudCon IR Exchange

By Pat Brown

The SynAudCon IR Exchange was formed to provide a simple, efficient means of allowing audio people to share their impulse response data.

SynAudCon is pleased to announce a new resource for our members – The SynAudCon IR Read more

Do-It-Yourself Cardioid Sub

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk helps us to understand the principles of how the cardioid sub can control the directivity in lower frequencies.

“Low frequencies are omnidirectional.” Seems we’ve heard that age-old wisdom since we were infants bouncing on mama’s … Read more

External Audio Interface – Which Should I Buy?

By Pat Brown and Jeremy Johnston

In order to measure audio with a computer program we have to interface the computer with the outside world. This article lists some things to think about before purchasing your next external audio interface.

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