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Miking a Choir Without Feedback

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown showed how he miked a choir to get a lot of acoustic gain and no feedback. MP3 included.

I recently helped provide sound reinforcement for a local benefit concert. “An … Read more

B-Format Microphone Goes Mainstream

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown gives an overview of the B-Format microphone and its capabilities.

An ongoing dilemma for those doing room acoustics measurements is the choice of microphone pattern. Omni’s are most accurate, but … Read more

Modeling Microphone Noise

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

It’s time to go a little ‘upscale’ and get a close look at a different kind of modeling – electret microphones. Some manufacturers call them ‘pre-charged’ or “pre-polarized” condensers. Originally they were called ‘capacitor’ … Read more

Measurement Mics – How Close Are They?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown did some tests and compared some popular measurement mics and posted the data. Is the expensive mic worth it?  This article will help you decide.

Recent discussions within the SynAudCon email group raised some questions … Read more

Subwoofer Alignment with Full Range System

By Charlie Hughes

Subwoofer Alignment: Charlie Hughes answers this question, “How do I align a subwoofer with a full range loudspeaker system?”

I have heard the question “How do I align a subwoofer with a full range loudspeaker system?” asked … Read more

Polarity – Which Pin Is Hot and when does it matter?

By Pat Brown

Pat answers this question, “When does correct polarity matter?”.  As with most things audio,  the answer isn’t that simple.


All audio components that pass a signal should be properly polarized. The concept of polarity can be … Read more

Direct-Field Coverage Quick-Check

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk presents a practical way to check direct-field coverage in live spaces using tools you may already own.

It seems logical to stroll around in a room with a sound level meter … Read more

3D Microphony

By Pat Brown

Most effective multichannel microphone techniques were developed as a means of making pleasing recordings of live events. Since recording is as much art as science, many approaches have emerged that produce satisfying results. One of the main … Read more

B-Format Can Provide Acoustical Predictions

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown will show how a B-Format can provide acoustical predictions.

In addition to recording and room measurements, B-Format is also applicable to acoustical predictions. The holy grail of sound design has always been … Read more

How to determine a reflection's direction without Polar ETC

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk gives you a couple of practical ways to determine where the reflections originates without using a Polar ETC.

Although it’s often easy to hear where a reflection is coming from by playing a pulsed signal … Read more