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A Closer Look at Loudspeaker Coverage Angles

By Jeremy Johnston

In this article, Jeremy compares the coverage angles of 3 full range loudspeakers 90°x40°, 90°x50° and 90°x60°.

Most loudspeakers used in sound reinforcement have some sort of Pattern Control Element (PCE – a new term I just … Read more

Dodecs for Pastry Chefs

By Peter Patrick

In this article, Peter Patrick provides the readers a better way to build dodecs.

We’ve published several features in recent years regarding the dodecahedron loudspeaker. Dodecs are useful for a number of different acoustic measurements. Excellent models Read more

Build Your Own Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown discusses the uses of a dodecahedron loudspeaker and how to build one.

A polyhedron is a multi-sided three dimensional shape. A dodecahedron is a 12-sided polyhedron, each side being a pentagon. A … Read more

Ideal vs Real Loudspeaker Directivity

By Pat Brown

Understanding the ideal loudspeaker directivity will form an understanding of the trade-offs involved in real-world devices.

When it comes to loudspeakers and the audio marketplace, one word comes to mind-diversity. How can there be so many different … Read more

The Magic Behind Multi-Pattern Mics

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

This article will take a closer look of how multi-pattern mics work.

Multiple pattern microphones have been used in studio work for years, and today are becoming very common in live sound as … Read more

Subwoofer Alignment with Full Range System

By Charlie Hughes

Subwoofer Alignment: Charlie Hughes answers this question, “How do I align a subwoofer with a full range loudspeaker system?”

I have heard the question “How do I align a subwoofer with a full range loudspeaker system?” asked … Read more