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How to Build a Big Dummy Load

By Pat Brown

An upcoming amplifier measurement project motivated me to build a rather robust dummy load.

Amplifier testing requires a load that can dissipate the power generated by the amplifier, preferably one that does not produce sound. Some very … Read more

Polarity – Which Pin Is Hot and when does it matter?

By Pat Brown

Pat answers this question, “When does correct polarity matter?”.  As with most things audio,  the answer isn’t that simple.


All audio components that pass a signal should be properly polarized. The concept of polarity can be … Read more

Anatomy of a Service Call

Pat Brown took an average and simple service call and documented his steps to finding the problem and his solution to the problem.

By Pat Brown

The sound system in the Chapel at a local nursing home had all of … Read more

Loudspeaker Toaster – An Abbreviated Loudspeaker Power Test

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown presents an abbreviated loudspeaker power test that you can do at home. It includes the necessary details, including the equipment setup.

The 2005 Newsletters included a number of articles related to loudspeaker power ratings and … Read more

DSP Comparsion – Configuring a 3-Way Loudspeaker (Part 3)

By Pat Brown

DSP Comparsion – Configuring a 3-Way Loudspeaker. Pat Brown looks at the transfer function of the DSP to a loudspeaker .

The last two issues of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter included Parts 1 and 2 of “DSP Comparison.” … Read more

Why all the Fuss About Power? The Equivalent Amplifier Size – Part 2

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown provides a logical and defensible method of providing a meaningful minimum recommended amplifier size for a given loudspeaker.

Of all of the specifications necessary for sound system design, perhaps the most confusing, vague, and often … Read more

De-barring a Power Amp

How do you clean a power amplifier.  Here are some responses from the SynAudCon forum.

Tips from the He(a)rd

I have a question about cleaning a power amplifier. We recently acquired an amp from a private source that has obviously … Read more