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The Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Interface

By Pat Brown

Amplifier-to-loudspeaker Interface – is there anything special about hooking an amplifier to a loudspeaker? Here is a brief look at some parameters that can affect the sonic performance of this important interface.

The Ideal Case

Most analog … Read more

The Forward-Referenced Interface

Tips and Tricks by Rick Chinn

Connecting computers into audio systems is one of those things that we are called upon to do more and more often these days. The obvious solution uses a cable with a mini-TRS on one … Read more

Your First Measurement Rig…

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Many first-time buyers of measurement rig are confused by the multitude of choices in the marketplace. This article will help you sort through the offerings and spend your money wisely.

If you are tooling … Read more

How Much Should I Pay for an Audio Interface?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does a compares two audio interface – Presonus Audiobox USB and and Duran D-Audio on a couple of key specs. Worth the money difference?

The consumer electronics marketplace has conditioned all of us to expect … Read more

More on iPhone – Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

In the May issue of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter I published some impulse response/transfer function data for Apple’s first generation iPhone™. The data showed that … Read more

Finding the Optimum Playback Level of Your Sound Card

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown answers this question, “Where do I set the output level of my PC sound card for optimum playback level results?”

The personal computer is frequently used as a program source for sound reinforcement systems. Internal … Read more

Where do I plug Input Type Connectors In?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown takes the commonly used input type connectors and answers this question, “Where do I plug it in?”

Almost every SynAudCon seminar has attendees from other technical fields that need to learn about sound systems and … Read more

Anatomy of a Service Call

Pat Brown took an average and simple service call and documented his steps to finding the problem and his solution to the problem.

By Pat Brown

The sound system in the Chapel at a local nursing home had all of … Read more

Unwinding Distribution Transformers

By Paul Matthews

You will also learn why transformers are often the power bottleneck in distribution systems. You will also learn how to interpret datasheets.

Paul Matthews of Rane Corporation has authored an excellent paper on the inner workings of Read more

External Audio Interface – Which Should I Buy?

By Pat Brown and Jeremy Johnston

In order to measure audio with a computer program we have to interface the computer with the outside world. This article lists some things to think about before purchasing your next external audio interface.

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