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Ten Reasons Why Church Sound Systems Cost More


In a day of mail order mania and cost consciousness, remind your church sound customers of some basic truths

by Pat Brown

A letter to a church sound committee might read:

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide you … Read more

Chinn on Trim – Setting Input Trims on a Mixer

By Rick Chinn

Rick Chinn presents a quick and easy way to set input trims on a mixer.

A recent Syn-Aud-Con Listserv thread provoked an interesting discussion about the input stage of a mixer. Rick Chinn’s contribution to the thread … Read more

Polarity 101 – Some subtleties regarding device polarity

by Pat Brown

This article will help you understand polarity and ways to test polarity.

Good sound system installation practice dictates maintaining proper signal polarity from system input to system output. An audio signal waveform always swings above and below … Read more

Piezo Magic – Accurate Gain Structure Using a Common Device

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown will show you a way to set gain structure by using a piezo tweeter.

In order to set the gain structure of a signal processing chain properly, it is necessary to determine when each device … Read more

Meaningful Metering for an Audio Waveform

By Pat Brown

There are at least three significant parameters that can be monitored for audio waveform – Peak, RMS and average. Pat explains each of them.

It is beneficial for the sound system operator to have some visual feedback … Read more

Sound System Autopilot

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Today’s electronics can handle many of the tasks ordinarily performed by a sound system operator but not all of them.

Today’s sound systems can be quite complex. Many times that complexity exceeds the … Read more

Polarity – Which Pin Is Hot and when does it matter?

By Pat Brown

Pat answers this question, “When does correct polarity matter?”.  As with most things audio,  the answer isn’t that simple.


All audio components that pass a signal should be properly polarized. The concept of polarity can be … Read more

Anatomy of a Service Call

Pat Brown took an average and simple service call and documented his steps to finding the problem and his solution to the problem.

By Pat Brown

The sound system in the Chapel at a local nursing home had all of … Read more