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Error Sources in Loudspeaker Data

by Pat Brown

The accuracy of sound system performance predictions are limited by a number of factors. These include but are not limited to the loudspeaker data.

Much good research has been done in recent years on loudspeaker data formats … Read more

Loudspeaker Pairs – How Close Are They?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Does two like loudspeakers give the results when measured?  Pat tested five types of loudspeakers and posted the results.

I was working on some array predictions and wondered just how close “like” … Read more

Using All Pass Filters to Improve Directivity Response

By Charlie Hughes

In this article, Charlie will how all pass filters can be used to improve directivity response of a loudspeaker.

All pass filters are perhaps one of the most overlooked and poorly understood tools for the general audio … Read more

Reality Check! Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent?

By Pat Brown

Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent? Pat Brown measured twelve like make / model loudspeakers. The results may surprise you.

From Dick Campbell’s Loudspeaker Park Part 3 article, this issue:

It is difficult to control the Read more

Compression Driver Specifications

Meaningful Metrics By Pat Brown

A recent compression driver measurement project afforded the opportunity to test two concepts. The driver line-up was (3) 11 ohm drivers and (4) 8 ohm drivers. These are 1-inch exit devices that would be typically … Read more

Loudspeaker Sensitivity – What's a Watt, Anyway?

By Charlie Hughes

Loudspeaker sensitivity and sound pressure level are not the same thing. Charlie Hughes shows why.

The specification of a loudspeaker’s sensitivity is probably one of the most common, yet perhaps one of the most misunderstood. In the … Read more

And Another Loudspeaker Array Study

By Pat Brown

This is the latest of a series of measured vs predicted comparisons that Pat Brown conducted on various loudspeaker array types.

Loudspeaker arrays are very difficult to measure. They are large, heavy, and difficult to rotate about … Read more

More on iPhone – Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

In the May issue of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter I published some impulse response/transfer function data for Apple’s first generation iPhone™. The data showed that … Read more

Fun with Phase – iPod vs iPhone

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does several audio measurements comparing an iPod with an Iphone.  The differences will surprise you.

Last month I published some impulse responses of the iPod Nano and iPhone. This month … Read more

Phase Response and Receive Delay

By Charlie Hughes

Some time-of-flight compensation guidelines for proper viewing of the loudspeaker’s phase response.

At the recent EQ07 workshop, and on the SAC email discussion group afterwords, there were some questions about the “correct” phase response when measuring a … Read more