Point Source Loudspeaker / Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown collected measured data and compared a point source loudspeaker and line array in the same semi-reverberant environment.

The Phoenix, AZ Sound Reinforcement for Designers class experienced one of our best site visits ever. You can Read more

And Another Loudspeaker Array Study

By Pat Brown

This is the latest of a series of measured vs predicted comparisons that Pat Brown conducted on various loudspeaker array types.

Loudspeaker arrays are very difficult to measure. They are large, heavy, and difficult to rotate about … Read more

Line Array Attenuation – Ideal vs Actual

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

The selling point of line arrays is that they “defeat the Inverse-Square Law”.  Pat Brown decided to test this theory on line array attenuation.

One of the big selling points of line … Read more

CLF Viewer – On-Line CLF Database

By Pat Brown

The CLF website now has an on-line database of CLF loudspeaker data. This article also discusses a new feature that has been added to CLF Viewer.

The CLF website now has an on-line database of CLF loudspeaker … Read more

What's a DLL – Line Array Predictions vs Measurement (Part 2)

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown examines line array predictions and how they compare to the actual measurements.


Accurate coverage predictions are essential for determining an appropriate line array configuration for a venue. A hot item in the audio engineering … Read more

CLF News

The Common Loudspeaker File format (CLF) continues to gain acceptance and momentum within the audio industry. The CLF puts the specifications that CLF graph showing polar and balloon datasound system designers need at their fingertips in a common presentation format. In addition to the standard “spec … Read more

CLF News

By Pat Brown

The Common Loudspeaker File Format provides a cross-platform format for the distribution of loudspeaker specifications. In addition to being an electronic specification sheet, the CLF data files can be used directly by a number of room acoustics … Read more

CLF News – Common Loudspeaker File Format Released

By Pat Brown

Common Loudspeaker File Format is the result of a collaborative effort by individuals recognizing the need for a platform-independent loudspeaker data format that can be used as a specification sheet as well as by prediction software.

We … Read more

Do-It-Yourself Cardioid Sub

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk helps us to understand the principles of how the cardioid sub can control the directivity in lower frequencies.

“Low frequencies are omnidirectional.” Seems we’ve heard that age-old wisdom since we were infants bouncing on mama’s … Read more

What is the Common Loudspeaker File Format (CLF)?

By Pat Brown

The Common Loudspeaker File Format provides well-defined loudspeaker specifications and platform-independent data for acoustics modeling software applications.

Sound system designers need a base-line set of loudspeaker specifications to locate suitable loudspeakers for their projects. The problem is … Read more