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Line Array Limitations

Knowing the line array limitations is the key to using them properly.

By Dale Shirk

Line array loudspeakers are a popular tool these days. But are they always the best choice? In the interest of preserving Syn-Aud-Con’s slide-rule geek image, … Read more

Time or Frequency?

Theory and Practice by Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk will help us get a better understanding of time and frequency and how they will affect our decisions as audio practitioners.

Much of what we do in audio and acoustics has both … Read more

Sub for the King – Special Designed Subwoofer for an Unique Space

Campbell’s Corner – Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell designed an subwoofer for a rather unique space that needed to meet the final specification. Read more about it.

With salami, of course. Recently, I measured a custom subwoofer in my studio using … Read more

What is Waving and Why? The anatomy of the Wave Equation-Part 4

By Dr. Eugene Patronis

At the conclusion of the third article in this series we had learned that the acoustic energy at any instant contained in a one wavelength interval along the z-axis of the plane wave tube was 4.1288(10-9) … Read more

More About Square Waves and DC Content

By Charlie Hughes
In this article, Charlie takes square waves to a deeper level. Questions like “What causes it to have its square shape?” will be addressed.

A recent thread on the SAC listserv “Looking for a new DMM” generated … Read more

The World's First Electronic Bass Trap for Room Modes

By Pat Brown

All rooms are plagued by room modes. Bag End Loudspeakers has the first electronically tunable bass trap. Read to learn more.

All rooms are plagued by room modes. They occur when low frequency acoustic wavelengths “agree” with … Read more

What's a DLL – Line Array Predictions vs Measurement (Part 2)

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown examines line array predictions and how they compare to the actual measurements.


Accurate coverage predictions are essential for determining an appropriate line array configuration for a venue. A hot item in the audio engineering … Read more