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The Room Reverberation Time – RT

by Pat Brown

The reverberation time is a basic “one number” measure for characterizing a room’s acoustic behavior.

I’ve written much on the RT in the past. Richard Honeycutt’s article on reverberation formulas prompted me to revisit the topic and … Read more

Measured Acoustic Data on Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall

By Pat Brown

The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall is rated as one of the top 3 in the USA. Syn-Aud-Con takes a tour, and provides some measured data for experimentation.

The Oklahoma City Core and Technicians classes were … Read more

Post-Processing to get Sound Pressure Level " SPL "

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown shows  the procedure for recording Multichannel wave files to provide the sound pressure level (SPL) history of the event.

So how loud is a college football game in an open-air stadium with … Read more

Fun with Phase – iPod vs iPhone

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does several audio measurements comparing an iPod with an Iphone.  The differences will surprise you.

Last month I published some impulse responses of the iPod Nano and iPhone. This month … Read more

A New, Improved GratisVolver

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that allows you to listen to the effect of room impulse response measurements on anechoic program material. Read about the new upgrades to Gratisvolver.

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that … Read more

Useful Utilities for the Audio Practitioner

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown list several useful utilities for the audio practitioner. These are either cheap or free and will save you lots of time!

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IR (Impulse Response) Issues

By Pat Brown

Over the last year or so I have shared an alternate method for acquiring the impulse response of a system that does not require an on-site computer. This method is meant to augment, not replace, dedicated measurement … Read more

Recorded Sweeps of a Dome Room – Learn More About it's Acoustics.

Here are some recorded sweeps of a dome room.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about Dome room acoustics.

Olli Rajala is a long-time Syn-Aud-Con member who lives and works in Finland. He has put into practice … Read more

GratisVolver™ – Convolution for the Rest of US…

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver™ is a software convolution program. Finally it is possible to convolve the IR with dry program to listen to it.

So what good is an impulse response, once you have it? There are a number of … Read more