Recorded Sweeps of a Dome Room – Learn More About it's Acoustics.

Here are some recorded sweeps of a dome room.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about Dome room acoustics.

Olli Rajala is a long-time Syn-Aud-Con member who lives and works in Finland. He has put into practice some of the techniques for room acoustics surveys that we have shared in the Newsletter over the last few years. Olli sent me some recorded sweeps and pictures from various listener positions in his venue. I used Gratisvolver to extract the impulse responses from the sweeps. A sample can be downloaded from www.synaudcon. com/nl/nl062/ Once you have them the fun begins. Convolve the IRs (again, with Gratisvolver) with speech or music and listen to what these seats sound like. Open the IR in your favorite measurement application and check the T30, C50, STI and other metrics. All of these work together to convey how the seat sounds and how it scores.

The octave band reverb times can be used to refine a room model and increase the accuracy of performance predictions.

It is nearly impossible to convey verbally what a room sounds like. The IR provides a near-perfect description with all of the fine details. In today’s world, audio people need to be equipped to gather and process IR data for documentation, verification and evaluation of sound system/room performance. pb

Steps for Collecting RIRPhotos fo the Dome Room  -  Vesa Turumen