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Ten Reasons Why Church Sound Systems Cost More


In a day of mail order mania and cost consciousness, remind your church sound customers of some basic truths

by Pat Brown

A letter to a church sound committee might read:

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide you … Read more

Error Sources in Loudspeaker Data

by Pat Brown

The accuracy of sound system performance predictions are limited by a number of factors. These include but are not limited to the loudspeaker data.

Much good research has been done in recent years on loudspeaker data formats … Read more

Room Modeling Details

by Pat Brown

This article will answer this question: Room modeling for loudspeaker coverage in high detail takes a lot of time. Is it worth it?


In “The Octagon – Part 2” I presented computer-based room models of varying … Read more

Your First Measurement Rig…

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Many first-time buyers of measurement rig are confused by the multitude of choices in the marketplace. This article will help you sort through the offerings and spend your money wisely.

If you are tooling … Read more

Pseudo Stereo – When Stereo isn't possible or practical "spaciousness" may be an adequate substitute

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Pseudo Stereo – When true stereo is not feasible or possible, “spaciousness” can be achieved with a relatively simple playback setup.

For many years the conventional wisdom said that stereo PA was impossible. … Read more

Miking a Choir Without Feedback

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown showed how he miked a choir to get a lot of acoustic gain and no feedback. MP3 included.

I recently helped provide sound reinforcement for a local benefit concert. “An … Read more

Point Source Loudspeaker / Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown collected measured data and compared a point source loudspeaker and line array in the same semi-reverberant environment.

The Phoenix, AZ Sound Reinforcement for Designers class experienced one of our best site visits ever. You can Read more

Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church

By Pat Brown

SynAudCon takes a tour of Idlewild Baptist Church, and provides some measured data.

The Tampa, FL seminar attendees were treated to an evening visit to Idlewild Baptist Church. The new 5500 seat facility sits on a 150- … Read more

Prediction of Sound Levels in Offices and Corridors

The Genser Paper by Ernest Genser

The design of sound systems for small spaces requires the estimation of reflected field sound levels. The classical Hopkins-Stryker equation for LD and LR assumes a mixing reverberant field. Such a field seldom exists … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 2 – Model Detail

By Pat Brown

Three versions of an octagon-shaped room model – simple, detailed, and extra detailed are compared as actual and in virtual.  The results may surprise you.

It’s time to take the data gathered from the site survey and … Read more