It's About Time… The Effective Haas Effect

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

To implement the Haas Effect, understanding the theory is a must.  Dale Shirk explains the theory and ways to implement it.

The Haas effect, or Precedence effect has been well known for many … Read more

A Lightning Fast Wrap-Around Balcony Model using Google Sketchup

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown shows a step-by-step process of how to model a wrap-around balcony for a fan-shaped room in 10 minutes using Google Sketchup.

Google Sketchup continues to gain popularity as a universal room model generator. The efficiency … Read more

A New, Improved GratisVolver

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that allows you to listen to the effect of room impulse response measurements on anechoic program material. Read about the new upgrades to Gratisvolver.

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that … Read more

Single-Source Solutions for Meeting Rooms

Practical Audio Solutions – By Pat Brown

Simple mechanical aiming and active beam-steering provide single-source solutions for small spaces.

A common application of both fixed and portable sound reinforcement systems is for meetings spaces of 50 people or less seated … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 1 – Site Survey

A Case Study – By Pat Brown

This article by Pat Brown presents a case study of an audio installation of an octagon-shaped room, beginning with a site survey.


In this multi-part article I will look at a complete … Read more

Quickie Fan-Shaped Room Using – Google Sketchup

By Pat Brown

This article will show you  a step-by-step approach to draw a fan-shaped room using Google Sketchup that can be imported into room modeling programs.

Note: A Sketchup to DDA converter is now available to registered DDA users … Read more

Describing Inside the Box from Outside the Box

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

This is a fun article. It brings back memories of a presentation 15 year ago to the Acoustical Society, titled “On the Presentation of Large Amounts of Room Acoustic Data”, [1] where I showed … Read more

Efficient Room Modeling using Google Sketchup

By Pat Brown

Google Sketchup along with a plug-in is now a power and efficient tool that can now be used for room modeling speaker coverage.

Audio and acoustics have never been mainstream with regard to software development. It’s a … Read more

Beam-steered Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

How does a Beam-steered Line Array compare to a Horn Array in the same space? Pat Brown compared the two at St. Monica Catholic Church.

In June I had the opportunity to attend a line array demo … Read more

Recorded Sweeps of a Dome Room – Learn More About it's Acoustics.

Here are some recorded sweeps of a dome room.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about Dome room acoustics.

Olli Rajala is a long-time Syn-Aud-Con member who lives and works in Finland. He has put into practice … Read more