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Roll your own acoustic source for STI testing

by Steve Liddle

Have you ever thought about building your own acoustic source for STI Testing.  Steve Liddle has done it and he shared the process in this article.

The title doesn’t sound as good as “roll your own Talkbox” … Read more

30 Years of SynAudCon Synergy

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

SynAudCon Synergy – Jim Brown takes you on a walk though audio history helps all of us appreciate where we have been and provides a visions for where we are going.

When Brenda asked me … Read more

Product Data Sheets – What should be on product data sheets?

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

Jim Brown answers this question, “What should be on product data sheets?”  He gives some very insightful information. Thank you Jim!

The full version of Jim’s article includes sections on Intercom and Infrared systems.

It’s … Read more

Using Limiters to Help Protect Loudspeakers

By Charlie Hughes

In this article, Charlie Hughes will help you understand how limiters can be used to provide protection from over excursion.

Using limiters to protect loudspeakers is nothing new. In many applications a limiter is placed immediately in … Read more

Dynamic Range – More Bits, More Footroom

By Steve Barbar

In this article, Steve Barbar addresses the term bits (numbers) to help the reader get a better understanding of dynamic range.

Once converted to a PCM digital signal, there are two fixed points of reference – the … Read more

DSP Control Via Ethernet – How do you “talk” to a DSP via the Ethernet port

By Dave Rosenbloom

How do you “talk” to a DSP via the Ethernet port on your PC? Dave Rosenbloom has an answer for you.

The issue of DSP control via Ethernet recently came up on the SynAudCon Listserv. Dave Rosenbloom … Read more

DSP Comparsion – Configuring a 3-Way Loudspeaker (Part 3)

By Pat Brown

DSP Comparsion – Configuring a 3-Way Loudspeaker. Pat Brown looks at the transfer function of the DSP to a loudspeaker .

The last two issues of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter included Parts 1 and 2 of “DSP Comparison.” … Read more

DSP Comparison – If They Sound Different, They Are Different… (Part 1)

By Pat Brown

How do DSPs compare? Pat Brown decided to test several DSPs and publish the measured data.

It is a buyer’s market when it comes to digital signal processors (DSP). It seems like everyone has one, and that … Read more

External Audio Interface – Which Should I Buy?

By Pat Brown and Jeremy Johnston

In order to measure audio with a computer program we have to interface the computer with the outside world. This article lists some things to think about before purchasing your next external audio interface.

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