DSP Control Via Ethernet – How do you “talk” to a DSP via the Ethernet port

By Dave Rosenbloom

How do you “talk” to a DSP via the Ethernet port on your PC? Dave Rosenbloom has an answer for you.

The issue of DSP control via Ethernet recently came up on the SynAudCon Listserv. Dave Rosenbloom works extensively in this realm, and had some words of wisdom to share with the Heard.

So, how do you “talk” to a DSP via the Ethernet port on your PC? From Dave…

It depends on how your DSP communicates:

Serial Only: Photo of wireless router to DSP

Use an Ethernet serial server from Moxa (www. moxa.com) at the DSP. This device basically gives your serial-only device an IP address. You then have to run port redirection software on your PC which comes with the Moxa. It “redirects” one of your COM ports to the IP address of the serial server. Thus your DSP’s config program still thinks it’s working over a COM port as it was designed to do.

Connected like so…

The Ethernet to serial server is connected to the serial port of your DSP and to a LAN Ethernet port of a wireless router. Your laptop connects via the wireless router. Obviously, there is some IP setting and things to do, but this is very easy. I recommend the Moxa N-Port Ethernet serial servers.

You can also connect the Ethernet side of the Moxa to a LAN and control the DSP from anywhere on the LAN. You can also forward incoming TCP/IP ports through a router and control the serial-only DSP from anywhere in the world. Your results can vary as some serial devices can be sensitive to delays introduced by varying Internet propagation times.

Ethernet DSPs:

Connect the DSP to a LAN port of a wireless router and connect the computer wirelessly to the router. Now you operate your DSP as you would if it was hard-wired. No crossover cables needed.

I use the Rane RPM series quite a bit and have great success communicating with them hard-wired, on a LAN and across the Internet.

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