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It Ain't Just Dirt… Grounding to Reduce Hum and Buzz – Part 2

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

In this article I will discuss the role of grounding in keeping audio and other technical systems free of hum, buzz, and other unwanted noises.

In Part 1 I discussed grounding for safety. … Read more

The Forward-Referenced Interface

Tips and Tricks by Rick Chinn

Connecting computers into audio systems is one of those things that we are called upon to do more and more often these days. The obvious solution uses a cable with a mini-TRS on one … Read more

Sound System Designers Site Surveys – Three things to Consider

By Pat Brown

Sound System Designers site surveys should include the Acoustical environment, Ambient noise and radio frequency survey.  Learn why these are so important.

Site surveys are a necessary part of all construction trades. The ground must be firm … Read more

Shield Current Induced Noise – Causes and Solutions Part 2

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

Shield Current Induced Noise – Jim Brown addresses the causes and some solutions.

In the last issue, we learned how current flowing on the shield of audio cables will be converted to voltage on the … Read more

Shield Current Induced Noise – Causes and Solutions

Random Thoughts by Jim Brown

This article addresses shield current induced noise caused by the imbalance in the magnetic coupling between the shield and the two signal conductors.

My last two columns have focused on pin 1 problems as an … Read more

The EMI Project – Part 2 Point Source Field (Magnetic Field)

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Point Source Field (Magnetic Field) – Dale Shirk addresses how magnetic interference gets into our audio circuits and how to keep it out.

We’ve all learned about electromagnets and magnetism generating current in … Read more

The Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Project – Part 1 Introduction

Part 1: Introduction by Pat Brown

This article addresses this question, “What are the effects of electromagnetic interference EMI on various types of audio wire?”

Hum and buzz pickup is a common problem for audio systems. SynAudCon Hum and Buzz … Read more

What Happens When the Power Goes Off?

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk answers this question, “So what happens to a signal when it is driven into an unpowered input?”

Today’s audio electronics are easy to interface, with one or several high impedance inputs … Read more

It Ain't Just Dirt… Grounding for Safety – Part 1

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

“Ground” is a term that has taken on many meanings with regard to power distribution and audio systems. This article looks at the safety ramifications of grounding with regard to permanent and portable

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Hums, buzzes and RFI – Audio Ghostbusting

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirks presents a handy tool to help us keep Hums, buzzes and RFI out of the audio systems.

Hums, buzzes and RFI are caused by ghosts. I’m convinced of it! Little gremlins that we cannot see, … Read more