Site Visit: The Scottish Rite Cathedral

Beyond Audio – By Brenda Brown

Learn more about the audio and acoustics of this amazing architectural structure known as the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

The Sound Reinforcement for Designers had the privilege of touring the Scottish Rite Cathedral located in … Read more

A New, Improved GratisVolver

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that allows you to listen to the effect of room impulse response measurements on anechoic program material. Read about the new upgrades to Gratisvolver.

GratisVolver is a free convolution utility that … Read more

Single-Source Solutions for Meeting Rooms

Practical Audio Solutions – By Pat Brown

Simple mechanical aiming and active beam-steering provide single-source solutions for small spaces.

A common application of both fixed and portable sound reinforcement systems is for meetings spaces of 50 people or less seated … Read more

The Octagon-Shaped Room Pt 1 – Site Survey

A Case Study – By Pat Brown

This article by Pat Brown presents a case study of an audio installation of an octagon-shaped room, beginning with a site survey.


In this multi-part article I will look at a complete … Read more

Portable Room Recorders – How do they compare?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown compares four portable room recorders that are suitable for Room Impulse Response collection.  The data is posted in this article.

Since the article on personal media players last issue, I have had a number of … Read more

Beam-steered Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

How does a Beam-steered Line Array compare to a Horn Array in the same space? Pat Brown compared the two at St. Monica Catholic Church.

In June I had the opportunity to attend a line array demo … Read more

Hand-in-Hand Phase Response and Group Delay

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

The phase characteristic of a loudspeaker is often neglected.  This article will help us learn more about the benefits of understanding phase responses.

A complete frequency response has both level and time … Read more

3D Microphony

By Pat Brown

Most effective multichannel microphone techniques were developed as a means of making pleasing recordings of live events. Since recording is as much art as science, many approaches have emerged that produce satisfying results. One of the main … Read more

B-Format Can Provide Acoustical Predictions

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown will show how a B-Format can provide acoustical predictions.

In addition to recording and room measurements, B-Format is also applicable to acoustical predictions. The holy grail of sound design has always been … Read more

How to determine a reflection's direction without Polar ETC

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk gives you a couple of practical ways to determine where the reflections originates without using a Polar ETC.

Although it’s often easy to hear where a reflection is coming from by playing a pulsed signal … Read more