An Irrefutable Polarity Test

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown presents a simple way to construct an irrefutable polarity test rig to check out your measurement system.

Here’s a simple way to construct an irrefutable polarity test rig to check out your measurement system:

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IR (Impulse Response) Issues

By Pat Brown

Over the last year or so I have shared an alternate method for acquiring the impulse response of a system that does not require an on-site computer. This method is meant to augment, not replace, dedicated measurement … Read more

Always Test the Testers

Don Davis frequently said to “Always Test the Testers”.  Pat Brown presents a scenario where he forgot to test the tester.

By Pat Brown

Sound system technicians should test the polarity of all components when installing a sound system. I … Read more

Recorded Sweeps of a Dome Room – Learn More About it's Acoustics.

Here are some recorded sweeps of a dome room.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about Dome room acoustics.

Olli Rajala is a long-time Syn-Aud-Con member who lives and works in Finland. He has put into practice … Read more

SynAudCon IR Exchange

By Pat Brown

The SynAudCon IR Exchange was formed to provide a simple, efficient means of allowing audio people to share their impulse response data.

SynAudCon is pleased to announce a new resource for our members – The SynAudCon IR Read more

GratisVolver™ – Convolution for the Rest of US…

By Pat Brown

GratisVolver™ is a software convolution program. Finally it is possible to convolve the IR with dry program to listen to it.

So what good is an impulse response, once you have it? There are a number of … Read more

EASERA – Electronic Acoustic System Evaluation Response Analysis

Pat Brown gives an overview on EASERA –  Powerful Audio and Acoustic Testing Platform

By Pat Brown

From time-to-time we produce a Newsletter article to acquaint our readers with some of the software and hardware tools available to audio practitioners. … Read more