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Sound Sources for RT Measurements

By Pat Brown

What’s the best way to measure reverb times? Balloon pops? Omni loudspeakers? This article compares multiple source types and presents some surprising conclusions that can greatly simplify the RT collection process.


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Lakewood Church Revisted

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Lakewood Church room impulse responses allow you to listen to the space, analyze the data, and take a virtual visit to one of the best-behaved arena-sized spaces in the world.

A Missed

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Impulse vs. Sine Sweep Response

On the Shoulder of Giants – By Don Davis

What’s the best way to get room data? Some advocate impulsing the room with balloons or starter’s pistols. Others prefer using swept sine waves. Don sheds some light on this old

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Reverberation Time… What Could Be Simpler?

Meaningful metrics – by Pat Brown

Modern measurement systems and Standards add both clarity and confusion to the determination of the reverberation time of a space.

The reverberation time (RT) is one of the most fundamental room measurements. It gives … Read more

Measured Acoustic Data on Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall

By Pat Brown

The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall is rated as one of the top 3 in the USA. Syn-Aud-Con takes a tour, and provides some measured data for experimentation.

The Oklahoma City Core and Technicians classes were … Read more

Point Source Loudspeaker / Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown collected measured data and compared a point source loudspeaker and line array in the same semi-reverberant environment.

The Phoenix, AZ Sound Reinforcement for Designers class experienced one of our best site visits ever. You can Read more

Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church

By Pat Brown

SynAudCon takes a tour of Idlewild Baptist Church, and provides some measured data.

The Tampa, FL seminar attendees were treated to an evening visit to Idlewild Baptist Church. The new 5500 seat facility sits on a 150- … Read more


By Charlie Hughes

Charlie gives an overview and capabilities of Easera Systune.

EASERA SysTune™ is a relatively new, patent pending audio measurement program from the Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG). It is designed for real-time analysis of acoustic signals and … Read more

More on iPhone – Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

In the May issue of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter I published some impulse response/transfer function data for Apple’s first generation iPhone™. The data showed that … Read more

Fun with Phase – iPod vs iPhone

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does several audio measurements comparing an iPod with an Iphone.  The differences will surprise you.

Last month I published some impulse responses of the iPod Nano and iPhone. This month … Read more