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Collecting Binaural Data for Recordings – Accuracy vs Realism

By Pat Brown

This article will look at some of the ways to get binaural data with emphasis on microphone techniques.

The human auditory system is equipped with two input ports – the left and right ears. This “binaural” processing … Read more

The Floor-Bounce-Effect – Mic Placement for Equalization

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown addresses the importance of considering the floor-bounce-effect in the equalization process.

When a microphone or listener is positioned above the floor plane, the reflection produced by the floor modifies what is heard by the listener. … Read more

TetraMic™ – Sights and Sounds of Commonwealth Stadium

Pat Brown does a recording with TetraMic™ at the Commonwealth Stadium.  Learn more about this mic and the collected data.

A Tetrahedral Recording Yields Multiple Playback Formats

There’s a lot of down time at a college football game. One must Read more

The Magic Behind Multi-Pattern Mics

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

This article will take a closer look of how multi-pattern mics work.

Multiple pattern microphones have been used in studio work for years, and today are becoming very common in live sound as … Read more

Sound System Autopilot

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Today’s electronics can handle many of the tasks ordinarily performed by a sound system operator but not all of them.

Today’s sound systems can be quite complex. Many times that complexity exceeds the … Read more

Lessons from the RF Analyzer

Theory and Practice – Dale Shirk

Dale uses his HP RF analyzer to demonstrate some wireless mic issues that audio people must deal with everyday.

Years ago the audio professional didn’t have to deal with many RF devices, mainly just … Read more

Post-Processing to get Sound Pressure Level " SPL "

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown shows  the procedure for recording Multichannel wave files to provide the sound pressure level (SPL) history of the event.

So how loud is a college football game in an open-air stadium with … Read more

Miking a Choir Without Feedback

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown showed how he miked a choir to get a lot of acoustic gain and no feedback. MP3 included.

I recently helped provide sound reinforcement for a local benefit concert. “An … Read more

B-Format Microphone Goes Mainstream

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown gives an overview of the B-Format microphone and its capabilities.

An ongoing dilemma for those doing room acoustics measurements is the choice of microphone pattern. Omni’s are most accurate, but … Read more

Modeling Microphone Noise

Campbell’s Corner – By Dick Campbell

It’s time to go a little ‘upscale’ and get a close look at a different kind of modeling – electret microphones. Some manufacturers call them ‘pre-charged’ or “pre-polarized” condensers. Originally they were called ‘capacitor’ … Read more