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Loudspeaker Pairs – How Close Are They?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Does two like loudspeakers give the results when measured?  Pat tested five types of loudspeakers and posted the results.

I was working on some array predictions and wondered just how close “like” … Read more

Ideal vs Real Loudspeaker Directivity

By Pat Brown

Understanding the ideal loudspeaker directivity will form an understanding of the trade-offs involved in real-world devices.

When it comes to loudspeakers and the audio marketplace, one word comes to mind-diversity. How can there be so many different … Read more

Reality Check! Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent?

By Pat Brown

Are like make / model loudspeakers consistent? Pat Brown measured twelve like make / model loudspeakers. The results may surprise you.

From Dick Campbell’s Loudspeaker Park Part 3 article, this issue:

It is difficult to control the Read more

More on iPhone – Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

In the May issue of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter I published some impulse response/transfer function data for Apple’s first generation iPhone™. The data showed that … Read more

Fun with Phase – iPod vs iPhone

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does several audio measurements comparing an iPod with an Iphone.  The differences will surprise you.

Last month I published some impulse responses of the iPod Nano and iPhone. This month … Read more

Phase Response and Receive Delay

By Charlie Hughes

Some time-of-flight compensation guidelines for proper viewing of the loudspeaker’s phase response.

At the recent EQ07 workshop, and on the SAC email discussion group afterwords, there were some questions about the “correct” phase response when measuring a … Read more

More About Square Waves and DC Content

By Charlie Hughes
In this article, Charlie takes square waves to a deeper level. Questions like “What causes it to have its square shape?” will be addressed.

A recent thread on the SAC listserv “Looking for a new DMM” generated … Read more

Polarity – Which Pin Is Hot and when does it matter?

By Pat Brown

Pat answers this question, “When does correct polarity matter?”.  As with most things audio,  the answer isn’t that simple.


All audio components that pass a signal should be properly polarized. The concept of polarity can be … Read more

Hand-in-Hand Phase Response and Group Delay

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

The phase characteristic of a loudspeaker is often neglected.  This article will help us learn more about the benefits of understanding phase responses.

A complete frequency response has both level and time … Read more

DSP Comparison – If They Sound Different, They Are Different… (Part 1)

By Pat Brown

How do DSPs compare? Pat Brown decided to test several DSPs and publish the measured data.

It is a buyer’s market when it comes to digital signal processors (DSP). It seems like everyone has one, and that … Read more