Take a walk in Loudspeaker Park with me - Part 4

This series of articles demystifies the loudspeaker impedance curve, vented enclosure design and other aspects of loudspeaker behavior. It's a "must read" for anyone wanting to understand the inner workings of loudspeaker systems.

Measure a Sub, Place a Sub... Things to consider to control Room Modes

Want to wreck the response of a subwoofer? Just place it in a room. Here are some ways to measure and improve your sub's performance.

Digital Audio at Last...

Thinking Digitally by Steve Macatee In this article, Steve Macatee…
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Room Modeling Details

How much detail should a virtual room model include? Some say "the more the better," yet others say that "less is better." This controlled study sheds some light on the subject. Warning: This article may permanently affect the way that you model rooms. Measured and modeled data included.
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Target SPL and Required Amplifier Size

Sound system designers must calculate sound pressure level from given loudspeaker/amplifier specifications. Here are the steps, presented in a logical and intuitive manner.

Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop

I would like to share another great event with you -- a SynAudCon…

Dynamic Range - More Bits, More Footroom

By Steve Barbar In this article, Steve Barbar addresses the term…