Take a walk in Loudspeaker Park with me – Part 4

This series of articles demystifies the loudspeaker impedance curve, vented enclosure design and other aspects of loudspeaker behavior. It's a "must read" for anyone wanting to understand the inner workings of loudspeaker systems.

Measure a Sub, Place a Sub… Things to consider to control Room Modes

Want to wreck the response of a subwoofer? Just place it in a room. Here are some ways to measure and improve your sub's performance.

Using Limiters to Help Protect Loudspeakers

By Charlie Hughes In this article, Charlie Hughes will help you…

Digital Audio at Last…

Thinking Digitally by Steve Macatee In this article, Steve Macatee…

Room Modeling Details

How much detail should a virtual room model include? Some say "the more the better," yet others say that "less is better." This controlled study sheds some light on the subject. Warning: This article may permanently affect the way that you model rooms. Measured and modeled data included.

Target SPL and Required Amplifier Size

Sound system designers must calculate sound pressure level from given loudspeaker/amplifier specifications. Here are the steps, presented in a logical and intuitive manner.

Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop

I would like to share another great event with you -- a SynAudCon…

Basic Definitions of Integrating SPL Meters

By Ivo Mateljan The following functions are available in the ARTA™ virtual SPL meter:

A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Computing the Speech Transmission Index

By Farrel Becker In this article, Farrel Becker shares the steps…

Dynamic Range – More Bits, More Footroom

By Steve Barbar In this article, Steve Barbar addresses the term…