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The Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Interface

By Pat Brown

Amplifier-to-loudspeaker Interface – is there anything special about hooking an amplifier to a loudspeaker? Here is a brief look at some parameters that can affect the sonic performance of this important interface.

The Ideal Case

Most analog … Read more

Loudspeaker Power Ratings – Why all the Fuss About Power?

By Pat Brown

Loudspeaker power ratings is a confusing topic in the audio industry. In this article, Pat brings some clarity.

It is generally accepted that a large loudspeaker power rating is a sign of quality and something to be … Read more

Why Use a "70.7 Volt" System?

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown answers this question, Why Use a “70.7 Volt” System?  He also clears up some common misconceptions about 70.7V distribution systems.

That’s a good question, and one that causes a lot of confusion among audio practitioners. … Read more

Axial Sensitivity – Sense and Sensitivity

By Jeremy Johnston

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is the Axial Sensitivity of the loudspeaker. This article clears up some confusion on this topic.

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is … Read more

Compression Driver Specifications

Meaningful Metrics By Pat Brown

A recent compression driver measurement project afforded the opportunity to test two concepts. The driver line-up was (3) 11 ohm drivers and (4) 8 ohm drivers. These are 1-inch exit devices that would be typically … Read more

Portable Power? Will a Flashlight do the Job?

By Joe Nickell

Joe Nickell shares a clever way to get portable power using a flashlight.

Earlier this year I found the need to power an audio interface in the field. Since I am growing tired of the variety of … Read more

Meaningful Metrics – The Use and Abuse of Loudspeaker Power Ratings

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown brings some clarification to loudspeaker Power Ratings.


A few years have passed since I last produced an article on this subject. In that time I have continued to power test loudspeakers of all types … Read more

It Ain't Just Dirt… Grounding for Safety – Part 1

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

“Ground” is a term that has taken on many meanings with regard to power distribution and audio systems. This article looks at the safety ramifications of grounding with regard to permanent and portable

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How to Build a Big Dummy Load

By Pat Brown

An upcoming amplifier measurement project motivated me to build a rather robust dummy load.

Amplifier testing requires a load that can dissipate the power generated by the amplifier, preferably one that does not produce sound. Some very … Read more

Loudspeaker Toaster – An Abbreviated Loudspeaker Power Test

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown presents an abbreviated loudspeaker power test that you can do at home. It includes the necessary details, including the equipment setup.

The 2005 Newsletters included a number of articles related to loudspeaker power ratings and … Read more