Forum Interface

To post a message, login to our website. Visit on the forum link. click on the green box “Create a thread.”
To reply to a message, click on the message, you will see a reply box at the bottom.

Email Options

To post a new message, send an email to

To reply to a message if you are receiving the digest version:

  1. Start a new message –
  2. Copy the exact subject line from the thread (very important)
  3. Add your comment and hit “send”

To reply to a message if you are receiving the standard version:

  1. Select reply
  2. It will include the subject line.
  3. Add your comment and hit send.

Attachments can only be sent through the forum interface.

Read below for additional guidelines.

**PLEASE READ** — SynAudCon Forum Information & Disclaimers

SynAudCon is not responsible or accountable for any communications or actions regarding the content of the Forum. Messages displayed on the Forum do not necessarily express the views or opinions of SynAudCon. All communication and participation is at will.

Important Guidelines For Participating in the Forum

    1. Do not Change the name of the thread that you are responding to!(we can’t stress this enough).
    2. Do not quote the entire original message when replying on the Forum. You may quote portions of the message to clarify your response. Just add the portion you would like to respond to and delete the rest.
    3. Attachments can be included via the Forum interface only. They will not be accepted if sent via email.
    4. All formatting and attachments are stripped from messages sent to
    5. Please do not advertise or promote products, services or events via the Forum.

General Etiquette for Using the Forum

    1.    Keep your “messages” concise and to the point.
    2.    Keep your “replies” concise and to the point.
    3.    Avoid unnecessary comments that create unnecessary email traffic.
    4.    Ask reasonable questions. Don’t use the list to find information that you could find from an industry directory, web search, etc.
    5.    Don’t try to use the Forum as a substitute for a qualified consultant or contractor.

Undeliverable Messages

    1. If we get “undeliverable” messages back from your mail server for more than 24 hours, your address will be deleted from the list. This is also true for “mailbox full” messages.
    2. It is important that you inform us of any email address changes.
    3. If you go for a period of 48 hours without receiving any messages, your address was probably deleted. This is necessary due to the glut of returned messages that we get from mail servers that keep trying to deliver email to invalid addresses.
    4. After you have cleared up the problem, you may resubscribe.

That covers it. I hope you enjoy our Forum and benefit from it as much as I have. – Pat Brown