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Far-field Criteria for Loudspeaker Balloon Data

By Pat Brown

Measuring the far-field criteria for large devices is different than small devices.  In this article, Pat will give you some things to consider as well as guidelines.

The most common reference distance for loudspeaker SPL specifications is … Read more

Line Array Limitations

Knowing the line array limitations is the key to using them properly.

By Dale Shirk

Line array loudspeakers are a popular tool these days. But are they always the best choice? In the interest of preserving Syn-Aud-Con’s slide-rule geek image, … Read more

Measured vs. Predicted Loudspeaker Array Response

 Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Many designers use arrayed loudspeakers to cover the audience. Computer modeling must be used to determine the array behavior. This study compares the measured vs. predicted response of a 3-horn array.

Room modeling programs … Read more

What's a DLL? and when do I need one?

By Pat Brown

This article addresses some specifics of the direct field prediction process, specifically the sound radiation patterns from loudspeaker arrays and if DLL is a useful too.

The predictions performed by acoustic prediction software can be divided into … Read more

Point Source Loudspeaker / Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown collected measured data and compared a point source loudspeaker and line array in the same semi-reverberant environment.

The Phoenix, AZ Sound Reinforcement for Designers class experienced one of our best site visits ever. You can Read more

Line Array Attenuation – Ideal vs Actual

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

The selling point of line arrays is that they “defeat the Inverse-Square Law”.  Pat Brown decided to test this theory on line array attenuation.

One of the big selling points of line … Read more

Single-Source Solutions for Meeting Rooms

Practical Audio Solutions – By Pat Brown

Simple mechanical aiming and active beam-steering provide single-source solutions for small spaces.

A common application of both fixed and portable sound reinforcement systems is for meetings spaces of 50 people or less seated … Read more

Directivity of Mechanically Adjustable Pattern Control Loudspeaker

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown does some measurements on a mechanically adjustable pattern control loudspeaker called Outline miniCOM.P.A.S.S.

I first encountered mechanically adjustable pattern control in a Shure 2-way loudspeaker some 20+ years ago. I … Read more

Beam-steered Line Array Comparison

By Pat Brown

How does a Beam-steered Line Array compare to a Horn Array in the same space? Pat Brown compared the two at St. Monica Catholic Church.

In June I had the opportunity to attend a line array demo … Read more

What's a DLL – Line Array Predictions vs Measurement (Part 2)

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown examines line array predictions and how they compare to the actual measurements.


Accurate coverage predictions are essential for determining an appropriate line array configuration for a venue. A hot item in the audio engineering … Read more